Brad Vedders Family

Brad Vedders FamilyBradley, main man of the house, hockey aficionado and IT extraordinaire. Enjoys using his dry sense of humor and quick wit with the children, even when it’s over their heads. Executive chef in the Vedders’ kitchen and is quite competitive in game play. His unique blend of knowledge and quick thinking should secure his spot in anyone’s phone-a-friend list while playing “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”
Meghan, first lady of the Vedders household. Yankee’s and Red Wings superfan and lover of games and a multitude of sports. Often guilty of singing out loud to no one and about nothing in particular. Amused by her various comics, infomercials, and “as-seen-on-TV” products. Has often been reduced to acting completely ridiculous for the amusement of her children.
Hayley, first born with a firecracker personality. Often seen tearing through the house and talking at a million miles a minute. Has grown accustomed to her position of “eldest sister” by increasingly enjoying being the boss and delegating other duties. Full of energy, intelligence, and natural curiosity. Her favorite things often include: princesses, arts and crafts, singing, and, of course, being the boss. Is the closest person to Ozzie (the cat) and is often his defender and protector from the younger sisters.
Jamie, middle child, lover of the color blue and everything Hayley has and is doing. Less rambunctious than Hayley with a much more mellow and softer demeanor. Nevertheless, is quite over dramatic when she deems necessary. Full of wonder and cute sayings. Her favorite things include: playing “Little People,” her arsenal of baby dolls, reading books, and “Play Doh.” Feels that any and every problem can be solved with a baby doll and a tissue.
Sydney, the baby, loudest of all three. Should be referenced in casual conversation as “Screechy McBabyPants.” All in all, a bundle of fun, full of sunshine and all-around “cutie patootie.” Will chew on anything she can grab. Also, gets super excited about Ozzie (the cat) and the antics of her older sisters. Rolls in every direction imaginable and can scooch herself to get wherever she wants to go.